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You didn’t get here by accident. You’re a visionary, a revolutionary - an innovator. And you’re not going to wait for an act of congress to take on today’s challenges of growing your business while protecting your assets.

 And that’s where American Security comes in. As the safe company more locksmiths choose than any other, our line of BF-rated and smart safes has something to offer everyone – banked or unbanked.

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Make the smart switch today!

Fully banked, walk-to-bank, and unbanked – smart safes are a cannabis retailer’s best friend.

If you’re still counting cash manually you could be spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, on unnecessary costs like hourly employees to count your cash, bank fees for miscounts, and compounding courier fees for multiple pick-ups throughout the day. Not to mention the risk associated with an all-cash (or mostly) cash business.

So consider the CashWizardTM from American Security


  • Efficient cash deposits and security, with counterfeit detection – eliminates miscounts.
  • Cloud-based software for remote management and supports provisional credit with your bank, reducing the number of courier pick-ups.
  • Curbs internal theft by monitoring deposit activity by location & employee login.
  • Variety of safe sizes to fit your cash volume needs.
  • Use with walk-to-bank.
  • Use with one of our couriers specializing in cannabis retail.

High Security Storage Safes

TL-rated safes offer the best in burglary and fire protection and are the ideal back office safe for storing high-value products, important documents and high volumes of cash.



Turn your entire back office into a secure room for excess product and cash. The American Security Vault Doors offer the same protection as our innovative BF gun safes and are constructed with the same toughness as our TL-15 safes.

Safety Lock Release: allows you to safely exit the vault room from inside. It also allows you to close and lock the door from the inside when equipped with an electronic lock, turning your vault into a safe room.

  • Solid steel plate door
  • DryLightTM insulation barrier
  • Textured paint options
  • In-swing model available
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A

Proud to be a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association

  • Fire protection for up to 2 hours.
  • Add a SafeWizard electronic lock to any TL-30 series to monitor deposit activity by location & employee login to prevent product and cash from going missing.
  • The TL-30x6 features a proprietary inner barrier that protects against repeated attacks from multiple tools on all six sides. 


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SAFE Banking – 

even if you’re UNbanked  

Meet CashWizard

Secure your cannabis products and excess cash with a high security safe to prevent accidental loss and theft too.

Ok, so you’re probably not depositing cash in your mattress, but you are storing it somewhere, right? While we wait for the banking industry to catch up, you can still protect the things that matter most with the best in high-security safe technology from American Security. Pair any high security safe with our SafeWizardTM for the best protection in the industry.

Don’t take our word for it, ask one of our cannabis clients what they think

The learning curve was short, and within a few days of it being installed, we saw a dramatic improvement in how cash was managed, and the employee time that it freed up.

Gianni Santucci, Director of Cannabis and Glass

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Contact us to learn more about our cannabis safes and vaults or to speak with one of our safe & security professionals to discuss custom security solution for your cannabis retailing business.


  • For the unbanked –offers the same great cloud-based software for remote management of your cash.
  • Curbs internal theft by monitoring deposit activity by location & employee login.
  • Variety of safe sizes to fit your cash volume needs.
  • Perfect for handling “nuisance cash” in low cash volume retail businesses.

Dozens of cannabis retailers –big and small –banked and unbanked–are already using a smart safe solution to improve operational efficiencies, grow their profits, and keep assets and employees safe. Shouldn’t you?

Cannabis Storage Vaults
& Gun Safes

Cannabis Vaults from American Security

Gun Safes from American Security

For 75 years American Security has designed and built one of the most desirable lines of gun safes in the country. For use in home and business, American Security offers a gun safe for everybody at every price point. Our safes are independently tested by the industry’s leading quality assurance laboratory, Intertek, for superior fire and burglary proofing. In fact, we’re the brand more locksmiths recommend than any other brand. Backed by the best warranty in the industry, police, fire, sportsmen, coin and art collectors depend on our safes to protect the things that matter most to them.

The Choice for Top 
Armored Car Services

American Security already partners with some of the industry’s best-trusted and most reliable cannabis-friendly financial institutions and couriers (yes, couriers!) in the nation. You have SAFE banking questions – and we have answers.