BF Gun Safe Redundant Boltwork

Complete Redundant Locking System

Amsec’s innovative redundant boltwork* allows the installation of any two standard safe locks. This includes locks that incorporate the latest technology, like biometric user identification. Customers can also install any number of time-proven locks. The most common configuration is a well-established mechanical lock and a proven electronic lock. These types of locks have been sold for many years with millions of reliable locks in the field.

The redundant boltwork means the two installed locks operate completely independently. Unlocking either lock allows access to the safe. This design gives safe owners the protection of redundant locks to protect against any type of lock failure.

Safe Locked Shut

Both locks engaged, bolts extended

Safe Open

Lock on the right unlocked, lock on the left locked, bolts retracted

Safe Open

Lock on the left unlocked, lock on the right locked, bolts retracted

*Patent Number 9,951,546