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The Smart Solution

The CashWizard Smart Safe empowers your business and employees to streamline troublesome cash management processes which are subject to error. CashWizard reduces valuable time associated with manual counts and incorporates innovative cloud-based technology providing connectivity and access to critical data, analytics and reports including daily cash volumes and deposit tracking.


70+ years of AMSEC experience
creating the most durable, secure and reliable money safes available.


Innovative cloud-based platform
connects you to critical data, analytics and reports.


Unparalleled commitment
to customer satisfaction including 24 hour customer service.

The CashWizard System

  • Centralized management connecting safes via cloud-based platform accessible from any Internet capable device
  • Provides easy to use customer managed, remote administration of users and reports
  • User-defined email alerts for exception-based management
  • Push-based API for cash transactions integrating with POS systems and reconciliation software

The CashWizard Vision

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