LP Locks Rotobolt Redundant Safe Lock

The new U.L. Listed LP Lock offers the convenience of an Electronic lock and the trusted reliability of a mechanical combination lock.

Bright Chrome Finish

U.L. Type 1 Electronic / U.L. Group 2 Mechanical

Electronic Lock allows 6 Digit changeable code for 1 manager and 1 user

Manipulation Protection

Note: This lock is not reversable and will only mount on right swing – vertical down or left swing – vertical up locking systems. Click Here for a compatibility list.


Electronic Keypad and Mechanical Dial

• Bright chrome finish
• Audible and visual feedback
• Durable Mylar keypad
• Spy-proof digital entry
• Sliding door access to battery compartment

Electronic Lock

• U.L. Type 1
• 1 Manager and 1 User code
• 6 Digit changeable code
• Time Delay (1 to 99 minutes)
• Battery low indicator
• Manipulation protection

Mechanical Lock

• U.L. Group 2M
• Manipulation resistant
• Standard mechanical lock footprint
• No spline key required