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The Smart Solution

CashWizard Smart Safes Empower Your Business and Employees

Streamlines the cash management process, increases accuracy and reduces theft or cashier error.

Reduces manual counting of till sweeps – cashiers run automated drop reports.

By decreasing the time and stress of counting money, employees have more time to focus on managing the business.

Monitors daily cash volumes.

Administers your fleet of smart safes through a variety of devices – desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Seamless integration with armored carriers.

Business Analytics

CashWizard Pioneers A New Standard of Data Efficiency and Flexibility in Cash Management

The CashWizard family of smart safes use advanced technology to automate processes and manage data.

Provides a higher degree of insights than previously possible in cash management.  Fast. Accurate. Transparent.

State-of-the-art Bill Readers count currency and data is aggregated for business reports.

Data transfers from the safe to the cloud and is exportable to multiple file formats.

Rather than spending time searching for information, proactive reports can be created featuring the data most important to you.

Monitor daily information from multiple safes remotely, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

Create Immediate Transaction Alerts - User, Deposits, Cassette Clearing, Manual Drops and more.

Custom Features

CashWizard Hardware and Software Engineered to Meet Your Needs

Every CashWizard smart safe solution is tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Choose from multiple hardware options, including Bunch note feeders, Manager’s lockers, Door-mounted or detached printers.

Industry-leading AMSEC Customer Service available 24 hours per day.

CashWizard cloud-based analytics suite allows you to control what information you would like to see and when.

Fully customized reporting options, from company-wide configurations to local reports down to the safe.

Generate reports and design hierarchal groups based on your business needs.


CashWizard Smart Safe Family

CashWizard Smart Safes

It is in the details where the strength and security of CashWizard is clear.  Anti-spread dead-latch locks.  Heavy duty bolts.  Anti-pry door jams.  Steel that is one-half-inch thick.  The CashWizard smart safe features an equally uncompromising level of software security, from encrypted data communication to time locks.  All designed to ensure the most secure and reliable safes available.

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Dual Bill Reader

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CashWizard Smart Safe Features

Cash Management

  • Deposit tracking system to provide the highest level of cash management security
  • MEI Cashflow bill readers that count and verify cash deposits
  • Manual Drop tracking for mutilated cash, coins, checks and other items
  • Reports available by transaction, user, shift and business day
  • Armored carrier compatible


CashWizard Smart Safe Downloads:

CashWizard All-in-One

2 MB


CashWizard Dual Bill Reader

2 MB


Asset Protection

  • 10,000 audit entries and up to 40 users
  • Time Delay any door
  • Time Lock any door, 1-6 windows per day
  • Authentication options: PIN code and/or Dallas Key
  • Wrong PIN penalty lockout
  • Duress Hold-Up Alarm with Silent Signal
  • Burglary Alarm output signal
  • Holiday schedule with up to 16 programmable events per year
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment, selectable and configurable
  • Dual control mode on any door
  • Audit record written for each transaction


CashWizard Smart Safe Downloads:

CashWizard All-in-One

2 MB


CashWizard Dual Bill Reader

1 MB


Remote Management

Remote Management is available using CashWizard Admin and an Ethernet network connection

  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Run Reports – Cash Management and Audit reports
  • Manage System Settings – (Safe Time, Door Delay, End of Day, etc.)
  • Create Event based Alerts for each safe (Cassette Full, Courier Event, Door Opened, etc.)


CashWizard Downloads:

CashWizard All-in-One

2 MB


CashWizard Dual Bill Reader

2 MB


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